Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gaia I will do all I can to kill you.

Koma goes to the battle scene and is acosted by Vegeta.

"Hey you!" Shouts the arrogant Saiyan. "Can you create a portal for me ?"

"Ever hear of saying please mate?" snaps back Koma.

"We have little time for manors." explains Vegets. He uses his finger to dig into the road. It was a set of coordinates.

"Can you send me there?"

Koma checks the co-ordinates "My GPS connection says there's nothing out there."

"That's what your supposed to think, can you send me there or not?" snaps Vegeta.

Koma opens a portal "Have fun in the middle of nowhere" Koma laughs.

Vegeta ignores him , and walks through the portal.

The heros and others are gathered about. The battle has been and gone. But the next will be soon. Its just a matter of time.

'If I call Magneto he might come and help.' Thinks Koma. 'But he's so bombastic. Oh well we need all hands on deck for this.'

Koma flips the phone on.

Magneto tries to get out of it, he asks where the X-men are. Koma tells him that Cyclops and Iceman are dead as was Magdelena. Also about Vegetas failure and that the X-men are retreating back to the Mansion or what was left of it.

Magneto agrees to come and has some transportation issues.

Koma opens a portal, and hangs up the phone.

Lin sends a communication. Henchman needs help his energy cell is leaking still. It needs to be fixed.

Koma leaves.

He enters the chamber, Henchman is lying on the table.

"So its still leaking?" says Koma to Henchman.

"Yeah. You can fix it?" he asks. Henchmans eye's are red. Koma notices but doesn't say anything about it.

"Of couse." Koma goes through the energy cells schematics. "This I'll take a few minutes and you'll be right as rain.

Crap wheres the modulator." Koma checks his pockets the tools in the chamber. "I'll be a few seconds." Koma rushes out into the workshop.

"Lin wheres the energy modulator. I need it, Now!" Koma rushes around. "Crap." he yells throwing tools and draws around.

"Umm its right in front of you the green one." informs Lin. Koma looks down, there it was.

"I'd loose my head if it wasn't fixed on. Thanks Hon." says Koma. Lin smiles and Koma runs off to the chamber. As he rushes into the chamber Koma feels something. Like he's being watched. He shakes it off and deals with Henchmans energy cell.

"And thats it." Finishes Koma. "You'll be up and about in ten minutes."

"Great. Thanks Koma." Henchman forces a smile. Then Komas face changes he looks into middle distance.

"Lin, NO!" Koma shouts. He turns and rushes out of the chamber. Henchman tries to get up but the enregy cell is not powerfull enough for him to move.

Koma races, he sensed Gaia. He'd worked out how to translate the energy she uses. In theory he knows that if Gaia was trying to look you and you had the energy signals worked out you could know that she was looking at you. If Gaia new this she'd.


Koma arrives on the scene. There is nothing left of Lin. Koma checks the backup systems they were erased. All of them.

Even the ones in Electro-Magnetic Pulse proof safe.

Koma goes back to Henchman. He doesn't say anything, he just looks to Henchman. And Henchman looks back at him with exactly the same look. They wait till the energy cell repairs.

Koma opens a portal. They enter to go to the final battle. And they don't care what happens.


Magneto said...

Bombastic?! BAH!!

Oh, and I'm sorry about Lin. You still have my flowers from the last funeral, right? They should still be good.

TX said...

glares at Magnet.... how could you say that

Kon-El said...

1 he's a villian

2 She wasn't real. Opps neither are you.

Professor Xavier said...

He's cold and heartless. And bitter.

Did I mention heartless?

I'll send some fresh flowers, Captain.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

My regrets