Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Director Trap

On location somewhere in New Zealand Koma is sitting behind a bank of cameras, crew, and extras quietly reading.

"Excuse me Mister Peters. The director wants to see you." mumbles the directors assistant Phil.
"Oh realy Phil, thats great. What kind of mood is his highness in today?" sarcastically asks Koma

"He's just had his third whisky and its 11am" replies Phil.

"Well then we'd better get to him before the fourth." concludes Koma geting up out of his chair. "Phil this is about Lin

this time isn't it cause the her and Lindsay have been playing "Directors Trap".

"Yes, I think?" mumbles Phil who wished he took that job his mother got him at the post office instead of following his

dream into movies.

"Koma!" shouts the director. "Where are you? That robot of yours is causing more trouble than she's worth AGAIN!"

"What wrong this time sir?" asks Koma struggling to hide his contempt for the director.

"Lin keeps trying to ad-lib during takes." begins the Director. "All she's gotta do is scream and fall off the cliff. I

mean how hard is that."

Koma surveys the scene and turns back to the Director "Where's Lin?"

"She's over there with the harness on." snaps the Director.

"Thats Lindsay." points out Koma. "Lin is (Koma checks his sensors) over in Lindsays trailer.

Lindsay skips up to the director and pokes him on the nose. "Got ya Dave. Ha ha ha ha ha-ha !" she trills.

"Thats it I've had it." screams the director. "Phil where's my whisky. This scene is cancelled till after lunch."

Lindsay looks at Koma.

"Lin says you can tell the difference between us without even looking. How do you do that? YOur not wearing anything

under your shirt. Oh I know its your watch. Oh your not wearing a watch. I give up."

"Do you want to know?" asks Koma

"Yes of course I do." replies Lindsay.

Koma pulls up the right sleeve on his long sleeved shirt revealing not so normal bumps under the skin.

"Ewwwww!" sqwerms Lindsay. "Did you do that to yourself. Thats just gross Austin."

"Yes I did and its not just in my arm." Koma reaches up to his left eye and prises the eye ball out.

"Arrrgh!" shreiks Lindsay "Ewwwwie! YOu did that to gross me out didn't you."

"You bet" chuckles Koma. "Now lets go get Lin."

Then from behind a deep voice asks "Is everything all right Miss Lohan, he isn't dong anything you don't want him to do."

the security gaurd stands there intimidatingly.

"No its quite fine. He's Ok for now. Lins in the trailer she said she'd see you for lunch. Bye" Lindsay leaves the two.

"So you made it." declares Koma. "Nice to see you here.." Koma pauses for effect "Henchman!"

"Good to be here. So what am I doing for you Koma. This place seems pretty normal." enquires Henchman.

"Well I suspect it isn't, and I'm sure I'm being watched, but you aren't. They, whoever they are may wont suspect you

without the AIM suit. So sneak around and find out stuff. Especially from the Lawyer Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe."

"Thats the guys name he should sue his parents." quips Henchmans.

"He probably did." answers Koma who continues "His secretary, Alison she's a big flirt start with her."

"Sounds like a great job Koma, I'll make sure she's clean." agrees Henchman.

"And if she isn't?" asks Koma.

"I'm sure I'll think of something after we both get dirty." smirks Henchman.

"I'm sure you can." agrees Koma.

Later at lunch with Lin and Lindsay.

"I can't belive that Lin can eat, Austin its just amazing what you've made." exclaims Lindsay.

"I sort of didn't make Lin well I sort of did, but she's something else." explains Koma poorly.

"I told her the story Komy she knows all of that but I am a synthoid and you did make all of that technology" points out


"Oh yeah I did the graft on that didn't I." sighs Koma.

"Lin said it was five years with CRSIO" wrongly comments Lindsay.

"CSIRO Lindsay. And it wasnt just five years there it was all together ten years in three different countries. I was used

to make stuff for governments who then used it for the military instead of medicine which was what the synthoids were for

in the first place."

"They're supposed to be replacement parts for people Lin." finishes Lin.

"Is that why you've got the stuff in your eye and your arm." concludes Lindsay.

"Yep. Thats the short answer." finishes Koma who sees Henchman waving to him at the other end of the canteen."I have to

go and get back to my book. And you two ladies have to stop playing parent trap."

"Ohh Komy but we like it." pleads Lin.

Koma walks out of the canteen. Henchman walks beside him and hands Koma a small silver disc. Henchman then puts one hand

over his eye and mouths the word SHEILD.

"Tonight 11pm. Meet me at the falls." whispers Koma

Henchman nods and the two part company.


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

So you have both the real Lohan and the Lin-bot. I suprised you can manage to not to drool all over yourself .

Spider-Man said...

Hey, I have some experience dealing with Nick Fury... I could help in return for a chance to meet Lohan... :D

captain koma said...

You already have enough problems with MJ already Spidey. So I'd say you should leave this one alone right now.

Oh yes its a constant problem not drooling. Thats why I'm reading and not watching the movie being made.

Wait for the switch. Who's Mystique?


Magneto said...

I thought that furry blue X-Man made Lin? And I'd check to see if that Lohan has any batteries. Something rather fishy about her.

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Wow, Lindsay really seems to be complimenting your ingeniousity! I guess you typed this double spaced on word or something? Or at least that's the way it looks. (Spaces in the middle of sentences and all...)