Friday, August 25, 2006

A new Lin.

Koma looks at the schematics for Lins new body, and then compares them to the old one.They don't match up. Skys adaptions are beyond the current technology. The complete mesh between the synthiod tech and Sky's unique construction is just not possible. Not this way. Koma knew what he needed to do, but he wasn't ready for that.

"Lin." calls Koma.
"Yes Komy, have you finished the designs?" Lin floats over. Having realised she was a hologram she had recently taken to flying around the workshop.

"Not really." Koma answers. "I can't give you what you had before. It wont be the same unless.." he trails off.

"Unless you get Sky involved." finished Lin. "And you don't want her involved, do you." Her tone is negative.

'She's dissapointed.' thinks Koma. 'But I just don't trust Sky.'

"I know you don't trust her. But I really want to be back in a body." She looks at Koma longingly.

"I forget you can read my thoughts now. Sorry, I just don't trust where her and Magneto are going." apologises Koma.

"You need to guard your thoughts better Oz. Your transmiting them very loudly. Sky will know everything you've thought of. I already do. But I understand." she goes to comfort him and falls through him and the chair he's in. "Crap. Oz please, anything is better than this." as she pleads holographic tears appear.

"Ok. Vadar begin construction of Lin 2.0" orders Koma. "Umm Oz. Your calling me that now?"

"Well that is your nickname." explains Lin "I can't be calling you Austin. I'd feel like I was with Austin Powers and you know how I can't stand him. Those teeth and the hairy chest, ugh!"


Koma and Lin walk over to the cocoon reserved for Lins new body.

"So its not going to be the same. How much different?" Lin asks just a little bit nervous.
"You wont be a synthoid." reasures Koma. "I was able to enhance the body to almost what you were before. You'll have all the updates except for the shape changing which will limit your invulnerbility."

"Ok and if I don't like it we can go to Sky?" Lin asks, knowing its the last thing Koma wants to do.

"There's one more avenue before we have to go to Sky. But I'm hoping you'll like what I've put in this new body." Koma smiles.

"Oz I can read your thoughts. Were still linked from when you updated me at Lindsays. Even VADAR can read them. Can't you VADAR." explains Lin.

'AFERMATIVE MISSTRESS. THIS IS TRUE." agrees VADAR. And a picture of what Koma was thinking appears on a terminal attached to the cocoon's chamber.

"Ok so I need to work on this." He closes his eyes, bows his head. He opens his eyes again. He smiles. "Did it work."

"Sort of." Lin attempts a hug and walks through Koma. "You'll need work a bit more at it."



"I gotta change that to a chime or something. Makes it sound like the microwave finished cooking. Upload yourself Lin. Its all yours" Koma doesn't need to tell Lin at all. The light bee stops projecting and falls to the floor.

'Hisssssssss!' The cocoon opens. Lin walks out.

"Well this is." Lin Pauses feeling the new body. "Sooo much better. I can feel through my skin, you've updated the sensory system. Everywhere." She grabs Koma.

"Urrghn! Not so tight Lin." chokes Koma. Lin loosens her grip. "Thats better."

"What about this then." Lin clamps her mouth over Koma's.

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L>T said...

so... Evil geniuses have morals. Who would of thought.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Nice. Don't hate the playa. Hate the game.

Professor Xavier said...

Down with censorhsip!!

captain koma said...


You all jumped in.

I thought Novy would be the first to give a complaint.

Oh and HI L>T this the first tiime you've commented.