Saturday, July 29, 2006

There's a knock at the door!

At Koma and Lins bungalow the two are resting.

Then there's a knock at the door

Koma's sitting at the table going over some design specifications. Lin is asleeping onthe lounge.

'Sigh' "No you stay there Lin I'll answers it" says Koma.

Koma goes answers the door. He checks whos at the door first a man in a suit and dark glasses. Behind him is a grey sedan with a woman looking out in pink sunglasses. He opens the door.

"Captain Koma?" asks the man with dark glasses and what looks like an armarni suit.

"Whos asking?" asks Koma

"We were told by SHEILD that.." begins the man. Koma stops him in his tracks.

"Stop right there. Who are you that SHEILD tells you where I am? I knew they knew where I was, but why would they tell you. Who are you?" demands Koma reaching for the security activation switch.

The man in the suit smiles a crude smile.

'Lawyer" thinks Koma.

"My name is Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe and I represent Hi-Fi Pictures. Also I represent Miss Lindsay Lohan." ends Lawson-Fyfe.

"Hey I've kept to the restraining order for a year now. What do you want." complains Koma.

"Its what I want Koma" quizes Lawson-Fyfe. "What I want looks like Lindsay Lohan."

Koma looks inside to see Lin sleeping on the sofa. Prentiss looks in as well.

"Yes thats what we want" smiles Lawson-Fyfe cruely again.

Koma steps outside the door and shuts it behind him.

"Is this some kind of SHEILD trap?" demands Koma.

Koma stops as Lwason-Fyfe signals to the woman in the sedan. She emerges from the sedan and walks up to the pair outside the door.

"I thought you said I'd never see you again. Miss Lohan." enquires Koma.

"I thought so to Mr Peters. But this is no trap". explains Lindsay Lohan.

"Miss Lohan is attempting a carrer change." begins Lawson-Fyfe. "She's branching out into action adventure movies, and here in New zealand we intend to make the movie."

"And you want to use Lin as a stunt double." guess Koma correctly.

"Of course Mr Peters." confirms Lindsay Lohan.

"Well then you'd better ask her."Koma opens the door and calls to Lin. "Lin theres some people here to see you."

"Oh really Komy," says Lin walking to the door. "I was expecting Kate and Mary....." Lin ends her sentance and stares at Lindsay Lohan."You look exactly like me." excliams Lin.

"It is amazing Mr Peters." remarks Lindsay Lohan examining Lin.

"I always call him Komy." replies Lin

"You do know his real name, do you?" question Lindsay Lohan.

"Of course Miss Lohan its Austin Peters." answers Lin.

"Yet you prefer to call him Komy." confirms Lin.

"Yeah!" nods Lin.

"Lin, Lindsay wants you to be her stunt double in a movie." explains Koma to Lin. He then asks Lawson-Fyfe. "This will be to bring down special effects costs."

"Of course Koma." replies Prentiss Lawson-Fyfe.

"Oh yes of course I want to do it Komy. It'll be so much fun working with Miss Lindsay." replies Lin exctitedly

"You do know what your getting into here Lin. Its not going to be all glamour and parties. They want you to work. They also may not want you to be seen. Mr Lawson-Fyfe am I right." adds Koma.

"Well the cast and crew will have secrecy clauses in their contracts. But when it comes to everyone else Miss Lin here will have to be absent." confirms Lawson-Fyfe.

"So I wont be on the red carpet. Or at the after party." asks Lin dissapointedly

"Its a big secret Lin. No one will know that its you in the movie. We'll trick them all." enthuses Lindsay Lohan

"Hmmm a big secret." thinks Lin. "I'll do it. It'll be an adventure Komy and this time we wont get put in danger."

"Well see Lin we'll see." says Koma.

"You'll be sent for tomorrow. Then we'll go thru the contracts. And after that we make a movie." closes Lawson-Fyfe, he and Lindsay Lohan leave.

"Oooo how exciting." screams Lin as they enter the bungalow.

"Yeah its exciting Lin." says Koma sarcasticly.


Magneto said...

So now you going to be an entertainment manager? What happened to taking over the world? You've got to stay focused Koma.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Read that contract.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

captain koma said...

I do intend to read the contract Henchman. BUt I think there's something else happening with this. Just not sure what.

C'mon Mags I need a rest and Lin wants to do it. Also I think someone is behind all of this.

Synth-Lin said...

Its so exciting. I'm sure Komy can get back to taking over the world but can't we have a break Mr Lensheer.


I'm sure Sky can make it up for you.

Love you all


Magneto said...

Yes, I suspect some plot also. Seems awfully convenient that Lohan knew where to find you after you teleported from the Ultron battle.

captain koma said...

Lawson-Fyfe said that SHEILD told them. Now why would SHIELD tell a movie star where I am.

Theres holes big enough to drive a modest family car through this plot. You just have to read.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(