Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The big steal.

The plush inner sanctum of the bank managers office oozed luxury.
With sugar dripping off his tounge the manager (who looks like Colonel Klink) addresses the young lady opposite him.
"Miss Lohan we are so pleased that you would grace our humble bank with your valuables"
"Well I didn't choose your Bank for no reason. You have looked after Madonna's personal jewelry and she said you were more than accomadating." relpies the synth-Lindsay.
"Of course we did our best for her. Many celebreties use our vault. We here at Eurobank realise that some people require extra special service." enthuses bank manager Klink.
"Well thats why I'm here." The synth-Linsdsay stands up and places the briefcase on the managers desk. "I need you to take care of these." she opens the briefcase revealing a stunning ruby encrusted titanium necklace with matching bracelets and earings.
Smiling like the Cheshire cat manager Klink inspects the jewelry.
"Well take very good care of these Miss Lohan. You have no worries at all. We have never had a succesful robbery here at Stalag 13, oh my. Eurobank."

Later that night in the vault of Stalag 13 (Darn it.) Eurobank. The vault is quiet. Then there is a slight whirring of machinery. The small locker where the jewelry is being kept rattles and vibrates. So hard it vibrates that the door opens. The briefcase falls to the floor. It opens showing the jewelry. Suddenly light emits from the rubies forming a series of concentric circles in the air. They merge together and a hole in time space is formed and out walks Koma and synth-Lindsay.
"Not bad huh! Not bad at all." smiles Koma. "This is the first plan to go right."
"I thought it was a bit complicated." replies synth-Lindsay. "You could have just sent in the synth-army and walked off with everything."
"Smash and grab isn't me. I'm more, inventive. Aren't I Lin." says Koma suggestivley.
"If your talking about you switching between positons 34 and 12 last night well.."
"Yes thats what I was hinting." Inerupts Koma. "Lets just hint that were at it like rabbits Lin."
"You're so cute when your embarresed Komy."
"Thanks Lin."
Koma brings out a small device. Presses it. Sound waves concentrate on the lockers on the wall. The doors all open at once.
"Hah Scarface was wrong. First you build the woman. Then you get the money. Then you find a way to get revenge."

They take the money and valuables from the vault and take it thorugh the portal. When finished Koma presses a button on the briefcase and he and synth-Lindsay hop through the portal back to the new lair. After their departure the protal expands and the circles start to come out of synch with each other. The circles wildly expand and contract and then they hit the metal of the vault. The explosion shatters the vault.

Back at the lair. Koma and Lin count the cash from the heist.
"Now that was great. I'll ring up Joe and tell him I can afford him." says Koma.
"You have enough to pay for Henchmans dental as well." adds Lin.
"Well thats great."
'Ring Ring'
"I'll get it this time Lin." he Picks up the Phone."Magneto, oh Hi sir. Ohhh that well Yes . Thats true I do want to take Sky down a peg or too. But I wouldn't kill her. Its just that she's the reason why I couldn't beat the X-Men. The Cyberdine equipment you gave me kept screwing up. Ok, I'll come over. See you then. Bye."

"Hon are you all right." asks Lin

"No I'm not. I think we're both gonna loose out on this Lin." replies the shocked Koma.


Anonymous said...

gasp...! You actually pulled it off! Dont go spendin it all at lovers lane on lin bot now.

"Dont poke the bear buddy!"

TX said...


Looks at Magneto Permission to Terminate this unit?

captain koma said...

Thanks Kody. Its means alot comming from you. If your ever willing to do a bit of freelance for me. You'll always be welcome with Koma.

Oh and Sky old Australian proverb - Eat shit, and die.

Magneto said...

Alright, Koma. I still have my suspicions but Sky thinks you didn't betray me so I will accept that. Just remember, to attack one of my followers is to attack me.

And nice job with the money, by the way.

captain koma said...

Muchas gracias, Senior Lensher. Thanks about the not killing me and Lin.
Oh Lin says hi. She's thinking of getting her own blog. I'm not sure of that.

Anonymous said...

All those in fav of a lin bot blog say I, I!

"Dont poke the bear buddy!"