Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pyros frozen assets

Logan relases his hold on Koma.

"Alright Bub." Starts the ragin Canadian. "If ya can help us with the tin cans ya'd better make it it snappy an' no funny business or I'll gut ya."

"Logan! He killed Rouge....." said Kodiak.

'Note to self : don't poke the bear' thinks Koma.

Logan clams down Kodiak. And goes over to Rouge who's bleeding heavily.

'Note to self : Don't piss off Magneto' thinks Koma.

Rouge takes Logans hand and she starts to heal.
"What just happened." Asked the shocked Kodiak.
Rouge just looks down. "I can take others' powers by touch Ah can't control it. Ah can never touch anyone!"
She pops bone claws out and takes out her rage on some robots.

The rest of the X-men kick into gear, Koma watches them attack.

"Hey you gonna just stand there Brainiac" shouts Kodiak.
"Wha-" starts Koma who quickly realises he's not there to be a bystander."Oh of course."
'Damn I'm gonna have to get the synthoid reserves in on this one. I have made them stronger and with more offensive capabilities but I still haven't fixed the speech protocols.'
He winces as he teleports in the reserves.

The portal opens and the synthoids race out and join in the fray.
"I'm the baby!" shouts one.
"Poopie!" yells another.
"Aww crap!" yells Koma as he covers his face.

The Martian and the other heros start waking up from Skys dreams. They join the battle and the Cyberdyne machines are destroyed. Even the T-1000's were nuetralized by Dr. McCoy.
'Note to self : Send McCoy big thank you for Lin.' smiles Koma.

Koma watches the battle end and starts to teleport his synthoids out as well as the nutralised T-1000's. When he notices the Martian comming towards him.
'Oh crap time to, hey I thought I telelported Pyro.' questions Koma as he sees Pryo sneak up behind the Martian.

Pyro blasts the Martian.

Koma smiles as the Martian writhes in pain.

Iceman arrives on the scene and blasts Pyro freezing him.
"Yeah baby!" shouts Iceman. "I beat you in real life and the movies loser!"

As the heros tend to the injured Martian. Koma teleports himself and the frozen Pyro away to Magnetos lair.

"Welcome back Koma." its Mystique.
"Thanks Mystique. Look Pyro's been frozen by Iceman what do you guys usually do to revive him. You know, some kid of thing like Luke Skywalker was in in Empire Strikes Back..." Koma stops as another Pyro walks out from behind Mystique.

"Hey Koma, great ta meet anotha Aussie in the team." Pyro stops. "Thats me in ice. But I'm here."

"Yes what have you brought here Koma?" asks Mystique.

The frozen Pyro's eyes glow red. The ice starts to melt.
'Krack, Froom' the ice breaks. The frozen Pyro starts to change. Into.

"Lin" asks a stunned Koma.

"Yes honey, its me." answers Synth-Lin. She skips up to Koma and hugs him. "I got the Martian for you."

"How?" asks Koma.

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Local Henchmen 432 said...

Dear Sir,

Since you have paid for my dental.I am at your service.Let me know if you need any help in D.C.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Magneto said...

Now that was a surprise. Your problem with speech protocols was also quite amusing. But now it's down to serious work! Mayhem and destruction!


Vampirella said...

uh oh

Cyclops said...

So that's it, huh? Truce over? Fine by me. I'll see you in DC>

captain koma said...

Hey it wasn't my idea it was Lin's. She's all different now that Sky gave her those upgrades.
I mean last night she....
Well Mags you know.

I'm confused!

Synth-Lin said...

I thought we were only going to hint stuff like last night Komy.

Magneto said...

Oh, I know. ;-)

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Dear Koma,

I'm bringing a friend.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

I posted on my blog! Be sure to read the latest post!