Saturday, June 17, 2006

Survived...... just

He enters his lair, shaken but not skewered.
'Ok lets get my thoughts together.' he thinks to himself.
"Why didn't the short little bastard and his demon clone kill me.?" he asks to noone.
A voice answers. "Well maybe he was saving you for me?"

"I know that voice, but that can't be...Lindsay?" he averts his eyes.
"Its me alright. You've been waiting for this... No I've been waiting for this." She comes closer to him. Takes his hand.
Still averting eyes trembling he starts."Comptuer this is a synthoid isn't it."
'Yes' replies the machine.
"Her." He starts but corects himself."IT'S skin is warm!"
"Dr.McCoy made me lifelike. I look, sound, act and oh I feel very real" answers back synth-Lindsay.
She grabs his hand and takes it towards her...
"No!" he snaps his hand back."Computer, how come my synthoids aren't like her?"
"Don't you like me Komie honey." her look is one of regret. "Dr.McCoy said you'd love me."
'Non compliance error' replies the machine.
"What? Non compliance." questions Koma.
"Don't you Love me." The synth-Lindsay rushes Koma and embraces him passionatley.
"I iii-if" stammer Koma. "If I say yes, will you just stay still for a while?"
"Of course darling." answers synth-Lindsay.
"Then Yes. Ok yes." replies Koma.
"Owwwwwwwwwwwww mwa" synth-Lindsay kisses Koma. "and I love you too."
"Then remember your promise, umm. Honey" reminds Koma.
synth-Lindsay releases Koma "Oh of course"
"Computer whats a non compliance error?" asks Koma.
'Non compliance error response is used when Cyberdine systems are unable to reply to answers that will reveal plans set by Skynet operations.'
"Next time I'm getting my systems run buy Linux." he grabs synth-Lindsay's arm."Lindsay we're going on a holiday. Starting now."
"Where are we going honey." asks synth-Lindsay.
"Somewhere Skynet can't find us."

The two walk off into the sunset. Together. For now.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

That's sweet. Nothing is nicer than the story of love between a man and his machine.

captain koma said...

I'm really becoming like my hero Magneto now. Fembot and all.

TX said...

captain koma said...

After such a display I may ask for your resume. I am intrested in your employ. I need those I can trust, those who Sky has as enemies.

9:14 PM

transmission intercepted from Koma to Henchmen...
Are you planning to betray us?

I will inform Magneto at once

Local Henchmen 432 said...

God,does TX have a mute button or some thing.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Professor Xavier said...

Koma's going to need to have his sheets taken out for cleaning after that.

captain koma said...

As if I am going turn on my benefactor. Magneto is the one who gave me my big chance. TX is the one who stopped me from doing what he ordered.

big joe said...

Depends have ya got any money? half price if yer goin' against somone that annoys me. And word on th' street is Tx And Mags are plannin somethin' fer me. So ya get half price

Magneto said...

heh, heh, heh

captain koma said...

Just getting the funds. Ok. Joe you'll like what I can pay. Why didn't I think of stealing before.