Sunday, June 25, 2006

Helping out Magneto

Teleporting into Magneto's lair Koma finds himself in the middle of the gathering forces.
'Oh crap I try to get out of this type of battle. Hope Lin's ok better ring her' thinks Koma.
He gets out his phone and calls his synthoid sweetheart.
"Hey honey how are you." enthuses synth-lin. "Its really messy here those heros are really untidy."
"I'm fine I'm at Magneto's." replies Koma.
"Oh thats great honey, I'll be over soon." Chirps Lin.
"Maybe not Lin, its going to get really nasty here. Magneto's going after Washington. I reckon he'll go ok." continues Koma.
"Is my Komy scared?" digs Lin.
"Hell yeah." confirmns Koma. "I just hope the new synthoids work better than the old ones."
"Honey your a genius and without that ugly Ultron in the way I'm sure it'll be a peachy battle" confides Lin.
"Well Magnetos just about to set it all into motion, gotta go Lin. Bye" ends Koma.
"Bye bye, I love you." gushes Lin.
"Love you too." says Koma as he hangs up.

'These new synthoids are so much more stronger than the old ones and they have no links to Cyberdyne. Lin's right they'll do fine.'


TX said...

Hmmm... are you sleeping on the job?

Magneto said...

Our victory is assured!!

captain koma said...

Sleeping on the job. Hey I never sleep on the job. What are you meaning tx.

captain koma said...

Ok so I'm out cold. Hey I got the Glaswegen Kiss from Power Girl. Of course I'm out.

Vampirella said...

hey Koma send me an email and I can send an invite and get you on HU blog with us and why not register with the forum :)

TX said...

"Glad your a wake again... Help Magneto against the X men... the swampthing and his task force is locked into his own world, lost without a clue"

*turns to see Magneto .... "Magneto NO!"