Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Martians Attack

Relieved, Koma sits back and realxes watching the World Cup. On the phone to Magneto who he is teaching the game.
"Yes thats it. You've got the offside rule right now. Glad to be of help sir. Anytime sir" as he hangs up the referee gives another stupid free kick against the Socceroos.
"Ohh greatBlasted referees they keep holding the Ozzies back. They call me a criminal, man how much did they pay these referees. Thats gotta be a sweet job just sit back and give the frees to the side Australia plays." says the critical Koma.
"Komy, we have company!" announces synth-Lin.
"Coming!" Yelled Koma. "Let me finish scheming with Magneto!"
"Okay, but he's green, and doesn't look bery paaaaaaaaaa--" Screamed the synth-Lin.
Rushing because of the scream of Lin he arrives to se her lifeless body on the floor, with the Martian above her holding the now useless battery.
"What? The Manhunter?" he starts. "Manhunter, you will pay!"
"All I ever did was dis you on my blog but now you've gone an done it.." Koma stops because behind the door he hears another voice
"Open up, ya poozers!" Yells the voice.
"Kilowog?" responds the surprised Martian. "Then Swamp Thing assembled his Strike Force!" He said as he opened the door.
There were Zatanna, Power Girl, Kilowog, the Bulletteer, Frankestien's Monster and Frankenstien's Bride!
"Oh great" muters Koma under his breath. He presses a button on his belt and the concentric circles wraps around Koma and instantly he is gone.
"Great we turn up to kick this poozers ass and he does a dissapearing act on us." comments Kilowog dissapointedly.
Then alarms start sounding.
'Koma has left the building by emergency teleportation. All heros in the lair are asked to vacate in an orderly matter or they will be attacked by synthoids.'
"Hey we still get to fight." replies Kilowog.


J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Yay! Now I don't have to finish the story.

TX said...

Hmmm not even a thank you