Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The new lair.

"I really like the look you've give the new lair Lin'" compliments Koma. "Its sort of Brady Bunch meets evil genius I love it."
"I did it all for my Komy" replies synth-Lindsay."I worked so hard."
'Ring ring. Ring ring.'

"I'll get the phone Komy" the synth-Lindsay picks up the pastel 1970's phone."Hi you've reached Captain Koma's new secret lair. Yes, he's here. Who am I oh I'm his very personal assistant. Its for you. Its some guy called Joe."
Hurriedly Koma snatches the phone from the synth-Lindsay."Joe how are you, your intrested well thats great. Did youknow Henchman's already in. Oh. Ok. I'll get back to you." Koma put the phone down dissapointedly.
"Honey whats wrong" asks synth-Lindsay.
"That was Joe Fixit. He wants to get paid for helping with my Sky problem. The problem is I spent all my money on this place. Making sure its competley hidden from Sky." He throws his hands up in the air."What do I do?"
Synth-Lindsay starts to massage his neck.
"Thanks thats great Lin'. That really helps."
"I could do alot more Komy." she whispers in his ear."I could make you a very happy super-villain. Really happy. Dr.McCoy programmed me with all these positions. Which one do you want to try first."
"Eureka!" Jumps up Koma.
"Thats not a programmed position Komy, but if you'd tell me I'm sure I could do it." enquires the compliant and very willing synthoid.
"Thats not a position I've just worked it out. I'm a super-villain and what do super-villains do."
"They make love to their synthetic mistresses." suggests synth-Lindsay.
"Yes they do that but they also steal large ammounts of money. I'll have Joe on board in no time."
"Oh thats great." enthuses synth-Lindsay.
"You bet Lin', not a moment to loose. I have to prepare the rest of my synthoids with the new specs I got from you and and and." Koma is stopped in his tracks. As the sunth-Lindsay is doing what looks like a complicated Yoga position. "What are you doing Lin."
"Oh position number 35, but it'd be better if you joined in."

We stop here a moment as Koma realises just what synth-Lindsay was made for. We'll get back to the robery next time.


captain koma said...

'Whew' That was an experience I'll never write that stuff again. Ever. Koma is a no sex zone from now on. We'll hint it, but thats it. I don't know how you all write about it all the time. Its hard. Never again. Lame ass Super-villianry will continue.

TX said...

You are foolish if you think I do not know... Silly Carbonite

Professor Xavier said...

*shakes his head*

Looks like Hank's plan was successful. You are going to be far too busy with pleasure to care about trying to take over the world anymore.

captain koma said...

Hey Chuck read the first comment. I control the situation. Anyway its your Dr.McCoy who's given me my way ahead.

Oh an Sky. Drop dead.

Magneto said...

I can't believe you would betray me like this Koma. Sky has easily defeated your little toy. Despite your actions, I will honor our agreement and destroy the Manhunter. But then you better watch your back.


Capt koma, the only villan to lose his virginity to a orgasmatron toy robot. How much can i get one of those for.

"Don't poke the bear buddy!"