Monday, June 26, 2006

Cometh the hour cometh the Koma

Koma wakes up on the battlefield from the Headbut from the curvacious Power-Girl.
'Whoa that was painfull. Hope its not all over and I'm in some sort of prison hospital or something like that.' he thinks. He looks around at the battle still raging around him. Like all evil geniuses he sums up the situation in his own selfish way.
'Nope still in the battle. Better find a way to get Lin and get the hell out of here.'

Sky appears above him.

"What happened?" he asks the machine he doesn't really trust but as long as she's on Magentos side he knows she wont kill him.. yet.

"No time to explain… Help Magneto!" she snaps.

Koma looks at her.
'She's not in total control right now. It could be that Ultron entity trying to take control'

Sky glares at Koma. He knows what that glare means.

Koma reaches for his synthoid controller but its gone.
"S$#t!" exclaims Koma. He checks the sensors in his battle suit.
(The battle suit is kinda like a mix between Iron Man's and Luthors but more streamlined.)
'All the synthoids but Lin have been destroyed. Great. All I've got is the gizmos I've made. So here goes.'

Then all of the sudden the remains of the synthoids and T-800's start merging together. I formed another machine.
"All of you pests will be exterminated by Ultron!" the large evil looking robot shouted.

I looked over to the X-men, they were looking at the Ultron.
"Now I have what I came for!" Ultron cried. He grabbed the unconscious female robot and blasted off into the air. All the Terminators stopped moving, frozen in place.

The X-Men looked around at each other, momentarily confused by what had just happened. That was all the time Magneto needed. He raised up a broken robot arm with his powers and hurtled it like a spear straight at Rogue. Before any of us could react, it drove straight into her chest. Kodiak howled with rage, just like a bear.

For the first time ever Koma thinks faster than everyone else. Activating his teleportaion device he teleports Magneto away Magnetos Lair. The looking for the person he needs he teleports right next to him on the battlefeild.

"W..Wolverine" her stammers fearing the worst.
'Snikt' the claws pop and the feral mutant has Koma up against the tree. All claws are out expcept the middle one.
"Now Koma ya such a waste ta kill. So do something and give the excuse to pop my third claw."
Koma gathers himself together.
"Logan you think I dumb enough to take YOU on physically." shouts Koma."Theres a bigger picture here. Those T-800's. All the machines out there, Sky doesn't have controll of them anymore."
"Why's should I care?" asks the impatient mutant.
"Those machines will kill everyone if not stopped so we all have to help each other right now. I'm not talking about us here, there starting to fan out right now. See!"
Koma points to the T-800's starting to reactivate and walking off in formation towards a group kids who have needles wearing t-shirts saying 'Death to Muties' and other anit mutant slogans.
"So truce right now while we get the world out of the fry pan." states Koma.
As Logan thinks up comes Kodiak who's heard all of it.
"Stick the brianiac Logan and lets got get that bastard who hurt Rouge" says Kodiak.
In the distance the T-800's get closer to the kids.
"Stick him he's with Magneto. If you don't I will." says Kodiak.

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captain koma said...

Ok lets see what you do know Logan. Peace or we all die.

Magneto said...

You can't fool me, Koma. I know you managed to teleport most of your Synthoids to safety before the battle got too heated. Now with those Terminators out of control it is time to bring them back!

Once those pesky human kids are dead, of course. Bbwwahaahaha!

Cyclops said...

Damn. The X-Men are pretty hurt. I don't know if we have enough left to take out all those Terminators.

captain koma said...

Gee cyke I'd thought you'd be pissed that I went to Logan for help and not you.

captain koma said...

Hope those kids who tried to 'cure' Pantha don't get killed.


TX said...

sends quick transmission: Koma you hve earned my respect today...

Keep Mags safe.... oh and my little sister

I will be back

Cyclops said...

I'm use to it, Koma.