Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm going to end this now, I think.

Continued from Lins Blog

'She cried' Thinks Koma 'Thats amazing, crying is so hard to program. She really is alive'

Koma thought he could stand anything, puppies being killed, children crying, he thought he was untouchable emotionally but this. Woman.

'She really is a woman, ok not of my kind but she certianly is alive and female.' continues Koma.

The portal opens in the middle of the workshop. Henchman walks out.

"So whats this all about Koma" asks Henchman "I'm in the middle of preparing to take on Fixit."

"Ultrons what its all about." replies Koma.

"So who gives a rats about some walking trashcan." complains Henchman.

"Lin does, Sky's in trouble so's Magneto and the Brotherhood." starts Koma.

"Oh no I'm not doing anything for you and garbage can head. You lost me my chance with Mia, I'm never going to forgive you for not giving me the chance to get some of that." disputes Henchman.

Koma looks up at Henchman, his face an angry scowl.

"Whoa what happened to you?" asks Henchman surprised.

"Lin cried." answers Koma.

"What in bed?" guesses Henchman wrongly.

"No! Whats wrong with you is your mind always in the gutter. She cried cause Sky's fighting Ultron and 'cause the two are evenly matched and Sky could die. That made her cry and that affected me. So I called you cause I thought I could trust you to help me." shouts Koma.

"Sorry" mumbles Henchman."Whats the plan?"

"Its dangerous but not for us, for Lin." answers Koma. "Are you ready Lin?"

Lin steps out. "I'm ready Komy."

Here take these. Koma gives Henchman a visor and a gun.

"Whats this stuff for. I can look after myself." states Henchman.

"The visor enables you to see the CPU's of robots. Look at Lin" instructs Koma.

"Cool colours Koma. Whats its all mean?" asks Henchman.

"You should be able to see the bright green of Lins synthetic brain and some yellow squares as well." explains Koma.

"Yeah I see 'em. This work like infra-red?" says Henchman.

"Sort of, the yellow things are Lins cpu's they enable her to download all of her brain incase of damage. The terminators all have one of these. Use the emp gun to shoot the cpu and the Terminator is." pauses Koma for effect "Terminated."

"Cool. What are we wating for" asks Henchman twirling the EMP Gun.

--- At the battle ---

"Where's Koma Toad" asks Magneto.

"I tried to call him I could not get the call out." Lies Toad because Mystique ordered him not to.

Behind them a portal opens. Koma Henchman, and Lin emerge.

"Where have you been. And why is that fool here." accuses Magneto.

"No time Magneto. I'm here now, and Henchman's with me. You gonna take all this on by yourself." Koma pauses just enough to cut Magneto off before he could reply." I didn't think so. Synthoids take the rubber men out. EMP guns on full."

Out of the portal a river of synthoids pours out to take on Ultrons forces.

"Lin where's Sky?" asks Koma.

"Over there. Fighting Ultron."replies Lin.

"Go." orders Koma "We'll take on the terminators."

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Local Henchmen 432 said...

Thank God someone has a plan,this time.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Magneto said...

It's about you three showed up! We have a battle here!

captain koma said...

I'll blame Mystique later. Right now we've got to follow my plan.

TX said...

Mystique! glare!