Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What are these Sentinels doing here.

Koma follows the T-800's that Lin reprogrammed, then all of the sudden they break formation and turn around to face him. They draw their weapons and fire on Koma.

'What is this crap.' thinks Koma turning on the Magno-Sheild. The bullets deflect away. Koma pulls out his EMP gun and destorys the T-800's easily. Then using the Magno-Deflector to evicserates them.

'Ok this means Lins in trouble.' Koma looks around and sees Magneto and Sky flying off away from the battle ground. Running to where they took off. He finds Lin on her kneesd weeping.

"Oh! Why did she say that. *sob* I was only trying to save her." blubs Lin.

Koma puts a hand on hre shoulder. She looks up to see him, her face is stained with tears. She grabs hims around the waist and howls.

"Ohh Komy I've never been hurt this way before. It really hurts." Lin sobs.

"Thats life Lin. It hurts." consoles Koma. "Whats this? Its a Sentinel."

"Ohh Komy it hurts." continues Lin.

The Sentinels head turns and it focuses on the couple. It stops and slowly walks over to them. It gets to them and raises a hand.

"Terminate all Humans." It cries.

'This sounds like Sky's doing.' thinks Koma. He raises his EMP gun and fires deactivating the Sentinel. With a crash and a groan, it falls.

"Lin you've got to get it together we need to leave now." demands Koma. "You said you'd be brave for me. Now be a good girl and be brave again Lin.

"OK Komy. It hurts." she replies still on her knees looking down and so distraught that she does't notice the arival of another Sentinel. Neither does Koma.

The Sentinel streches and arm and from the heel of its hand a coil emerges and quickly envelops Koma.

"Liiiiiiiin!" shouts Koma. He tries to get to his gun but the coils wrap him up fast and then the other hand comes down and gas emerges knocking Koma out.

Lin looks up to see Koma hung from the Sentinels hand like a yo-yo. Behind Lin two more Sentinels appear they raise their hands together.

Lins eyes glow. Her hands crackle with power. The Sentinels fire. Lin easily dodges the blasts and fires back blasting huge holes in the two. They fall back from the force of the blast skawking and shrieking.

The one with Koma holds him from one hand dangling Koma like a yo-yo. Then with the other grabs Koma, with the intent to squeeze him like a lemon.

"Let him go. Komy's my squeeze not yours." she screams.

The Sentinel doesn't stop. Lin fires again, once at the hand doing the squeezing and then at the coil holding Koma.

The hand with Koma in it falls, Lin sesnes that Koma is safe. And then leaps onto the now one handed Sentinel. Balling her hand into a fist she buries in into the chest of the Sentinel. Lin attempt to reprogram the Sentinel. Learning that Sky had reprogrammed them.

In her rage she screams the cry of one betrayed for the first time. Lin buries her other hand into the Sentinels chest and in one movement rips it in two.

With her rage subsiding Lin. Goes over to Koma, prys him free of the hand and initiates teleportation.



Magneto said...


I knew those Sentinels would be no challenge for you. Sorry I missed them using you as a yo-yo though. Sounds amusing. Perhaps I'll put that in my New Year's bloober reel.

Magneto said...

You know what a bloober is don't you? It's like a blooper but much more embarassing.

captain koma said...

Nice spelling mistake mags.

Lin and I are having a nice rest right now.

-Knock knock -

Who could that be?

I'll get back to you.