Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lets wrap this up and go.

Koma moniters the resuce attepmt from the hideouts workshop.
'Whoa Mia looks hot in that new costume. Well I don't think you'd call it a costume more of a sparkely bikini. Oh well works for me.' Oogles Koma.

"Komy I'm bored this cross dressing isn't half the fun I thought it'd be!" complains Lin.

"You don't have long to wait Mia and Henchman are just dealing with The Thing." assures Koma.

"MIA! that slut." fumes Lin.

"Calm down Lin. You've got to keep looking like Magneto. Remember to use the magnetic-sheild and deflectors. It'll make it look like your using Magnetos powers." orders Koma.

In the plastic cage, Mia breaks in.

"Magneto,"spits Mia "You killed my father prepare to DIE!" screams Inigo Montoya... Mia.

Mai rushes Mag-Lin, her coils wraping around and squeezing. Mags-Lin switches on the shield and with a pulse of the deflectors the coils fly away from her.

"You think those puny devices can control the master of magnetisim. You are a fool to think you can kill me." gloats Mags-Lin.

'Thats some good acting Lin' thinks Koma.

Mia goes again this time using the coils as a distraction allowing her to get close enough to punch Mags-Lin. Just in time Henchman comes between them.

"I don't have time for this. Koma, pick us up." screams Henchman.

Koma teleports them into the workshop.


"Now we've done the job, the union rules are, we leave peacefully. If there's any revenge to be done its not done on union urrgh! time." orders Henchman seperating the two and pushing Mia into the wall. It cracks.

"Did I do good Komy?" says Mags-Lin skipping to Koma's side hugging him and changing back into herself. "I really tricked the bitch didn't I?"

"Your not Magneto." blutrs out Mia. "You the stupid machine. Arrgh" she rushes Koma and Lin.

"I've got this on Henchman." assures Koma. He presses a button.

Mia slams into an invisible shield.
"Thats a Magno-sheild." informs Koma. "Polarised particles charged buy a focused magnetic wave. Just like Magneto."

"Your so smart Komy." Lins eyes light up. "General Fury's here."

"Fury! I ahh don't need to be around when he shows up do I?" asks Henchman.

"No WE, don't have to be here when he blasts through the door again. But Mia does." answers Koma. The three teleport out.

"When I get free your all going to die." growls Mia.

BOOM! The door to the workshop explodes. Mia stands behind the Magno-Sheild as the pieces of titanium deflect off it.

"Agent Payne, your never going to be free. But you might get some revenge" through the dust and smoke. A tall man with a patch stands.

"Someone turn this thing off and start catalouging all this stuff. I want it all." orders Fury to the troops.

'I'm sorry you'll have to leave now.' says VADAR.

"And just why should we leave?" asks a gloating Fury.

'Becasue in ten seconds this hideout will self-destruct.' answers VADAR.

"Wha the ##$$" exclaims Fury."Everybody out, Now"

'5 4 3 2 1....' counts down VADAR.

"Oh SHIT!" says Fury.



In the Helicarrier the communications officer Thurston watches as the hideout explodes.

"General Fury, General Fury, come in..." pleads Thurston. Who hangs his head.


"Thurston your concern is touching but I'mnot dead yet." says Fury, Mia and the entire team.

"Ahem!" On the screens is Koma."Hi I don't want to kill you Fury. But I could of. So just leave me alone. Bye."

"pffff asshole." replies Fury.


Local Henchmen 432 said...

Great now I going to have a long talk with Mia now...

TX said...


captain koma said...

Ummmm. She's in the clutches of SHEILD now and probably wants you dead.

Well thats a normal relationship for is it?

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Well, that's the end of that story. What's next? Oh, and I got thsi random idea that Lindsay Lohan will sue you for defamation when this is all over... Defamation being false negative written statements... Let's hope not. And your stuff's not negative... so maybe not. I would add a disclamer that Lindsay Lohan is copyright Lindsay Lohan though... after all, that's what I did (look in the back issues... er... back posts?)

captain koma said...

The whole legal thing with Lindsay Lohan is something that I've been dreading happening. Thought about actually trying somekind of communication with Lindsay's managment but that could end up with a defamation and everything. So I'll try to just keep it all on the quiet.

For how long?


captain koma said...

BTW - Read Magneto's blog and Sky's blog for the saving of Sky and other such catastrophes.

Magneto said...

Damn those heroes and their last minute escapes!

I wouldn't worry too much about Constricta. Us villains have a way of putting aside our differences when we have common interests.