Sunday, July 09, 2006

SHEILD are such losers

"Got myself a crying walking sleeping talking. Living doll. Got to do my best to please her just cause she's a, Living DOlllll. Got a roving eye and that is why she satisfiiiies my soul. Got the one and only walking talking, Living Doll."sings Koma in the kitchen making breakfast.

'Voop' Kerrick teleports into the Kitchen Living area of Hideout #3.

"Well take a look at her hair."Continues Koma."Its real and if you believe what I say just feel." Koma spins around and stops as he sees Kerrick. She's smiling as she walks toward the kitchen bench, she sits on one of the stools.
"Well I'd say someone got extra lucky last night." she guesses.
"And this morning too." adds Koma. "But you'd know that from all the cameras and audio equipment thats in here."

"So your cooking, when did you learn how to do that?" asks Agent Kerrick.
"Well Julie when you spend four years in France and then escpae to Italy you learn how to cook the perfect Crepe. I'm not the domestically challenged super nerd you knew when we were at ASIO." answers Koma.

"Well they want you to get Payne here and then out to the Vault in two days time. Well make everything perfect." starts Kerrick. But she's stopped by Lin emerging from the bedroom.

"Hi hon have you finished the Crepe's yet, I'm starving." growls Lin. She sits on the other side of the kitchen bench to Kerrick.

"She eats?" excliams Kerrick.

"Yes I eat its an absorbtion of energy by a chemical process similar to your very inefficent digestion." snaps Lin.

"All synthoids can eat. I made them that way." includes Koma. Smiling as he gives stack of Crepes to Lin who happily serves herself a couple.

"Like the LMD's you made for the French?" questions Kerrick.

"Yes but not the same. The LMD's couldn't get any energy from the food they consumed. I changed that and many other things with the synthoids." answers Koma. He puts the pan in the sink sits beside Lina grabs a couple of Crepes himself.
"So that the end of this visit Kerrick?" he asks.

"No I'm going to hang arouuun." with that the SHEILD agent dissapears the way she came.

"Now that was cheeky Komy." Lin starts to go on with another cute line about her suggums when she's interupted by a huge holographic head of Fury.
"Koma. That was uncalled for." shouts Fury.

"I need the place clean of all SHEILD personal. Mia's one of you, she'll be able to smell this going down with the slightest mistake. Kerrick's a control freak, and I should know. I need a bit of space. Turn off the video, you'll still have audio. I'm not going anywhere, and neither is Lin." says Koma adamantly.

"Ok well turn down the monitering but we'll keep listening." says the holographic head of Fury. It dissapears.

"Ok Komy I'm done." Lin gets up and her stomach opens up and the contents of masticated crepe fall onto the table."Time to clean up now."

'Well the fake Lin I made hurriedly convinced Kerrick and held the food in for long enough. I just hope Lin and Mystique get Magneto out. Now to convice Mia and Henchman.' thinks Koma.

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Local Henchmen 432 said...

Ok but this time we need a plan.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

captain koma said...

Oh there's a plan. A real good one. But don't tell Mia about what happened with Magneto and Lin.

Its a surprise.


big joe said...

Nice try tryin' ta get me ta help ya there Koma. Too bad I ain't bitin' oh yeah by the way who do ya think told called S.H.I.E.L.D. Where your base was any way. Oh yeah and just for fun I made a call to the Vault AN' happened to tell them about your little plan

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Everthing is handled. Now if we can get Lin and Mia to stop fighting...

captain koma said...

Thats what SHEILD's for Henchman.

TX said...

Koma good jon protecting my Magneto

and little sister