Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mystique's gone crazy

"Didn't you blow this place up Komy?" asked Lin.

"What you and SHEILD saw was the hideout blow up. The workshop is somewhere completley different. I can turn any door into a point to point portal and its just like walking into another room." confidently replies Koma.

"Now all I have to do is change the entry portal to the Brotherhoods lair and 'voila'" exclaims Koma as the empty doorway glows and another door appears. Opening the door Koma and Lin walk into the midst of the Brotherhood. They are waiting.

Koma walks up to Mystique. "Where's Magneto?"

"Gone to save that thing." grumps Mystique.

"Save Sky from Ultron, I thought we were going to wait?" questions Koma.

"Sky's been calling him, he finally heard her. It so sweet" answers Lin.

"How does she know all that?" sneers Mystique.

"Her and Sky have a big Sister little Sister thing. Sky considers her family of a kind." explains Koma.

"Magneto is home." announces Toad. "Something is wrong"

The Brotherhood rush to the lairs entry, Magneto and Sky are slwoly encased in a cocoon. Magneto stats to loose control and the cocoon falls.

"I understand the technology. Get them into the workshop." shouts Koma.

The Brotherhood look to Mystique.

"Do as he says." orders Mystique who turns to Koma as the Brotherhood carry the cocoon into the lair. "Can you help him?"

Koma looks back and responds "None else here can."

Later in the workshop. Koma is stumped.
"The life signs are normal. They're both in there, but I can't pentrated the cocoon the nano-bots are closing up as soon as I make a whole." he explains.

Mystique leaves and then enters with a high-power laser canon used to cut large mineral rocks and stones…

Toad looked at her, "What are you doing?"

Mystique moved to the sphere "What do you think?"

"NO! Oh Komy that will kill Sky." The Lin stated in horror as she stepped between Mystique and the cocoon

"Look the last time this tin can did this she assimilated the mutant trapped inside.. It's her or Magneto!" Mystique yelled…

The Lin looked at Koma, "No not this time. Komy, Sky is only making repairs… Magneto is in no danger… they are…. Oh Komy its sort of romantic…"

"OUT of my way! Mystique demand

"You will have to go through me…" Lin stated

"Gladly!" Mystique stated.

Then the cocoon, Koma and Lin teleported out, to the lounge room of hideout #4.

Koma looked at Lin "You are sure Magneto is in no danger."

Lin looked at Komy "No they are making up for being away from each other."

"Oh!" replies Koma. "Then maybe we should just wait elsewhere till they're finished." Koma and Lin teleport out of hideout #4.

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TX said...

thank you

Kon-El said...

Awwww how sweet freaky love

Magneto said...

You have done well Koma. That Mystique can be rather high strung.