Saturday, July 22, 2006

OK thats just distrubing Lin

Koma and Magneto notice an Eire sound emanating from Sky. The almost musical hum sounds like something out of a James Cameron Sci-fiction movie. Sky's arm begins to transform, it first appears to be a weapon then snaky wiry metals forms touching over the T-800's frame and body...

"What is that sound?" asks Koma to anyone only slightly disturbed. Then he directly asks Magneo "What is she doing?"

"Sky?" asks the equally clueless Magneto.

"That is a ..." Lin graps for the right words. "well I guess you can call it her heart beat..." Lin continues growing in confidence. "She has a heart that is half human-half machine. The machine part is pumping harder. She is upset I think."

"Okay but what is she doing, I do not recognize this behavior." questions Koma trying to get a handle on what exactly is happening infron of him.

"She is." Lin stutters again looking for a more human description. "Is is feeding, Komy I do not understand? She is cannibalizing the T-800 in order to use its alloys and material to do temporary repairs, but they wouldn't be as efficient as just cocooning and repairing."

"Sky I demand that you answer me…" orders Magneto trying to take charge.

Sky simply turns and glares eyes red at Magneto.

"Uh-oh I know that look." mumbles Magneto.

Before Magneto can say another word Sky leaps in the air and begins scanning the area. The Erie sound of her heart beat becoming louder

"Um Sky… Henchmen?" mentions Koma believing that might get some kind of response.

Sky ignores Koma. Sky then begins to run in a direction away from them at full speed.

"Damn Sky!" screams Magneto.

Koma idles up tp Magneto.
"Where is she going?" he asks.

"Uh Oh Komy." interupts Lin worriedly. "She is going after Mystique."

Magneto turns to Koma and starts to explains what is happening.

"Sky's programming is always driving her to pursue someone or thing she has Targeted above and beyond all other considerations." Magneto pauses and then continues. "Her one weakness is that she can not stop until she has terminated that target even when it might be smarter to risk letting the target get farther away. Sky will move around, under, leap over or crash through any obstacle to reach a target but will quite often ignore other factors. Like this time for example, it would be better for her to repair."

"Can I go after her?" begs Lin of Koma.

"Someone needs to find Henchman." begins Koma. Who then looks at Lins face and the pain she is really feeling. "But you can't help her on your own Lin."

"I will go with Lin." Offers Magneto. "We will do what we can. Come Lin." Magneto lifts himself and Lin above the containers and in pursuit of Sky and Mystique.

"Bye Komy" waves Lin.

Koma watches her and Magneto leave.

"Damn, Henchman" curses Koma.

He teleports off to where the Brotherhood were fighting the Terminators.


Strwen all around are the remains of Terimnators and Synthoids. Also in the disaster zome are the unconscious and injured Brotherhood.

"Ohhhh! Koma where'd you come from." asks Pyro. "Ahhh! I think my arms broken"

"Beating Ultron." declares Koma. "Where's Henchman?"

"Oh I don't give a rats about that bastard." whinges Pyro. Koma grabs Pyros broken arm.
"Arrrrgh! what ya doin'." screams Pyro.

"Where is he Pyro." scowls Koma.

"Over there, in the middle of the pile o' terminators." points Pyro. Whothen goes back to cradeling his arm.

Koma walks over to the pile. His sensors read the terminators deactivated. He pulls one off the pile, it activates and stands up. Koma pulls his EMP gun out on it.

"Its ok Komy, I programmed them to help." replies the Terminator.

"You picked up control from Ultron?" asks Koma.

"No just reprogrammed. What are my orders." answers the Terminator.

Koma checks his sensors, 3 of the other Terminators are still active and reprogrammed.

"Get up off Henchman you lot." orders Koma.

They obey. Revealing an unconcious Henchman. Major damage to his cybernetic devices. But all in all he's in better shape than Pyro.

"What are my orders?" ask the terminators as one.

Koma thinks.

"Go assist Lin. Help her in anyway possible. Now." he orders. The terminators disperse.

"Uh! This can't be heaven your here Koma." says a groggy Henchman.

"No its not you Ok. I gotta save the day again." says Koma.

"Yeah Henchmans fine." ansewers Henchman. "Go be a hero. I'll follow you up."

Koma runs off after the Terminators,leaving Henchman behind.

'Hope Lin hasn't done anything stupid.' worries Koma.

Continues in Lins Blog, Skys Blog, Henchmans Blog, Magnetos blog.


TX said...

*eerie music*

Anonymous said...

*sings* bum um bumb bumb bumb, bum um bumb bumb bumb, bum um bumb bumb bumb. I'll be back, bum um bumb bumb bumb.err.... She'll be back, bum um bumb bum bum,

captain koma said...

what was that Kody?

Umm the Dr Who theme?

The great escape theme?

Gee this is too cryptic for me.


Local Henchmen 432 said...

Thanks, I off to fit Fixit.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

...fight Fixit...

Anonymous said...

Wow! henchy, Fit- fixit? Is he getting a new suit? Or maybe you mean you was going to get him fit as in he's developed a beer gut. *light bulb turns on* I got it 'super-hero fit club! Just saying.

captain koma said...

Superhero fight club.

That sounds like a great idea for a Smiley Wars episode.

Thanks Kody.


PS -

Oh yeah Henchman I've got 50 buck eachway. But hey I'm still supporting you.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Gee thanks

Magneto said...