Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Damn SHEILD they never knock

"And that's it Lin your all fixed." says Koma sitting at a bank of screens. He turns around from the screens gets out of the chair and walks to the banks of synthoid cocoons. The cocoon directly in front of him opens to reval Lin.
"Hi honey." she greets Koma. "Its good to be back all together." She hugs herself.

Then suddenly her eyes light up.

"Your not having another emotional response?" asks Koma.

"No Komy." She grabs his hand and leads him out of the lab.
"Where are we going Lin?" again asks Koma. "The bedrooms on the other side of the.."
Lin drags Koma to the ground and falls on top of him."But here's just fine with me."

'BOOM!WHAM!' an explosion shatters the titanium sealed entry to the hideout.

"You sensed that comming didn't you" says Koma under Lin.
He pushes her aside and looks at her."Whats all of this, why didn't you warn me? We could have been long gone out of here."

"You and your sex-bot just stay down there Koma." ordered someone through the haze.

"Stay down Komy there are many of them." advises Lin.

'click click click click click click click clik' the repeating sound of a plethora of guns cocking just asking to release. Koma stays down.

The haze clears to reveal the soldiers in black and silver.
'About 32' thinks Koma.
Walking through the soldiers strides a tall man with an eye patch.

"Fury what do want with me?" asks Koma getting up.

Fury continues onward towards the now standing Koma and hits him in the face. Koma falls to the ground. Lin does nothing and just stays bedside Koma. Koma shakes his head and looks at Lin and then to Fury.

"You know I thought that puch'd knock you right out." begins Fury. "Your tougher than they say you are. And if you as smart as they say you are you'd have figured out how we found you." Fury pauses for dramatic effect. "This time."

"Ok so Lin's told you where I am. Obviously I didn't remove all of McCoys help the X-Men protocols." concludes Koma wrongly.

"No you got rid of all of McCoy's fail-safes." answers Lin "But I called them because of Mia Payne."

"What does she have to do.." begins Koma but Fury stops this by throwing a file at him. The papers fall to the floor. The manila folder has the SHEILD emblem on it. Paper clipped to the folder is a picture of Mia Payne.

"She's one of yours. So I got talked out of Constrictors suit." sums up Koma.

"By a pretty face and a sob story. No the first time Koma." reveals Fury. "But she's not with us anymore."

"Komy she wants to kill Magneto." states Lin.

"And we want you to bring her in" offers Fury.

"Or what. You'll lock me up, deactivate Lin. Look I know how this works, I've done this before." reels off Koma.

"ASIO wan't it Agent Kerrick?" asks Fury over his shoulder to a woman with short blonde hair.

'Skanks always more skanks' thinks Lin.

"ASIO, MI5, Interpol, oh and was it three or four years with the French secret service." details Kerrick. Purring off the list of Koma's liasons

"Quatre jours" replies Koma. "So Kerricks my handler and I've got to get Payne back."

"Damn straight." answers Fury. He lights cigar. "This is going to be the begining of a beautifull friendship."

'Crap!' thinks Koma.


Magneto said...

You've sent an assassin after me Koma? Bad move.

Cyclops said...

Man, that Nick Fury is certainly one intimidating dude.

captain koma said...

Mr Lensher you must understand that I had no idea that Miss Payne was out to kill you. SHEILD however I thought you'd have a problem with.

Oh well I can never picck your moods.

Lins up and waiting to kill Mia Payne

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Nick Fury got mad at me, when one time in a fight I poked him in the eyepatch.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

palefacemann said...

koma r u gonna take that from a man that has one eye. his dept perception is all off, stick and move, stick and move. I could always improve your genectic mackup.

Anonymous said...

i dont know koma, wit that pale mann dude you might have new powers alrite. how does bunny ears and an eleaphant trunk sound. Hey, that might be what your looking 4.

"Dont poke the bear buddy!"

captain koma said...

No I'm quite ok with my genes the way they are.

And there are things you don't do to people when they have the command of 32 soldiers armed to the teeth. Even if they have one eye.

Wolverine said...

Really ? That's when I usually kick Nick in the Junk and beat down all the soildiers.

captain koma said...

Well Wolvy thats the differecne between us. That and the healing factor, the adimantium bones, the claws, the berserker rage.

I'm sure there's more.

Oh yeah Lin didn't kill them.