Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now we see if the plan works, hey where's Henchman

Koma and Magneto follow Lin through the battle to where Sky and Ultron are fighting.

"You said you had a plan Koma?" asks Magneto.

"Yeah I do. Ultron is an electronic entity, more of a virus than anything else. It invades the system of any machine with any kind of chipset. All Ultron needs is a cpu and he can jump into it." relays Koma.

"Yes I know all this how do you plan to stop him Koma?" snaps Magneto.

"By letting him take over Lin's backup system." answers Koma.

Lin climbs up a bank of shiping containers, the two follow her.

"This sounds risky Koma?" doubts Magneto.

"Only for Lin Magneto." answers Koma.

Lin stops. Raises her hand and the two slow down and stand beside her. Below them in the wreckage of many containers Sky is fighting Ultron. Koma gets Magneto's attention and motions for him to move around the fight between Sky and Ultron.

After Sky had whittled the number of Terminators to one, Lin looks to Koma. Koma nods and she steps off the top of the container into the battle. It distracts Sky and Ultron is able to kick her away. Magneto grabs Sky and holds her there. He whispers in her ear.

Koma watches his sensors as he detects Lin shutting down her synthetic brain. He also watches as the sensors show Ultron scanning Lins now fully robotic backup systems. Koma pulls out his EMP gun and fires on the Ultron controlled Terminator.

"Noooo!" Sky screams. She strains at Magnetos grip but he does not relent.

Koma watches through his visor, he sees the backup system of Lin become one by one controlled by Ultron. He waits. He then steps off the endge of the container landing beside the unmoving Lin.

"Happy in your new home Ultron?" asks Koma.

"Very happy Koma. This device you have made is spectacular." Lins mouth moves but the voice is not hers.

"Its nice to be appreciated Ultron." replies Koma blankly.

"Don't trust him Koma he only wants everything dead." screams Sky. "He'll kill all of us."

"And you don't want to do the same?" questions Koma."Oh well better the devil you know."

"Lin activate backup system removal." orders Koma.

Lins eye's light up."Ok Komy"

And with that three chips rise out of Lins left shoulder. Lin grabs them and goes to hand them to Koma.

'fwrrrrrinnnnn' a high pitched whine starts. They all look up as Mystique points a rocket launcher down at them.

"I'll take one of them Koma." she demands.

"Mystique have you lost your mind. How dare you attack your own kind." screams Magneto.

"They are not my own kind, they are a flatscan and two delusional machines. Let me kill them once and for all Magneto. I know someone who'll pay plenty for Ultron and we've got three pieces of him." pleads Mystique.

"You are delusional Mystique. Put that weapon down. Now!" orders Magneto.

"I'm sorry, but I have can't let this go on any further, Toad." counter orders Mystique.

Toads ulta-flexable tounge snatches one of the chips in Lins hand. Mystique fires the rocket launcher.


After the dust clears inside the distinct glow of Magnetos shield Magneto Sky Lin and Koma stand very much alive.

"We're going to find that uber-bitch" states Sky coldly. "And when we do I'm going to kill her."

"Hey Komy where's Henchman." asks Lin.

"Oh crap" replies Koma

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Local Henchmen 432 said...

get these things off of me.

captain koma said...

Thats what I thought you could blog about.

I always try to give the fellow crossovers room to write their own stories.

Hey where's the dental for all and dr polaris rules.

Or should it be Koma rules.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

"Hey where's the dental for all and dr polaris rules.

Or should it be Koma rules"

Not yet.

TX said...

so you didnt betray Lin