Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ok that sucked. Time for some male bonding

Koma teleports into his hideout somewhere you all will never know.

"Whew!" he exclaims as he sits down in his comfy chair.
"Hey Lin can ya make me some...." he stops.
"CRAP!" he screams.

'Flush' the toilet goes in the background. Henchman walks out of the bathroom.
"Well the fine motor skills on these new arms are great Koma." exclaims Henchman.

"Thats great. I glad my skills could help you there." glumy replies Koma.

"Hey don't be so glum dude." consoles Henchman. "You can fix her. Can't you?"

"Yeah I can. Its just that I don't know how much damage I caused to her neural net and its a bitch to fix those neural pathways." complains Koma.

Koma gets up and goes into the kitchen.
"You want a beer Henchman?" asks Koma as he removes a six pack from the fridge. Pulls out one and motions to throw it to Henchman.

"Yeah." says Henchman. He catches a cold one. "Can't stay long though."

Koma sits down turns on the TV. "What ya got to do?" he says.

"Ahh union metting got to say goodbye to Constrictor. That Magnetos getting a red card from the union. No ones gonna want ta work with in now." answers Henchman opening up the can and taking a swig.

"Yeah he killed him over food." adds Koma. "I'm starting to think that working with him is the wrong thing"

On the TV they show footage of the attack on DC.
"Hey there you are Koma, thats a good shot of you." comments Henchman. "And there's Lin and there you go stabbing her in the back of the head. What was that knife?"

"It was a neural destabiliser." says Koma bitterly. "It works on anything with a brain. Puts them in a Koma."

"Thats the Koma in Captain Koma?" questions Henchman.

"Yeah. Devestating weapon. But ya gotta get close enough to use it." explains Koma.

Henchmen gets up "Gotta go can you teleport me to the unioin headquarters"

"Give me the gps co-ordinates." starts Koma "Oh crap" he exclaims.

"Whats wrong?" asks Henchman.

"I teleported Iceman and Beast to Disneyland. Not the savage land." Koma holds his head in his hands.

"Dude" begins Henchman. "You tried your best its ok. They were taken out of the battle it improved the odds in our favour."

"Yeah." complains Koma as he enters the gps co-ordinates for Henchman. The portal opens. "See ya Henchman."

"Bye. It'll work out, don't worry" Henchman waves goodbye. The portal closes behins him.

Koma siwgs the beer and turns the tv over to the World Cup.

Italy v Germany semi final. Italy win 2-0 in extra time.



J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Never mind what I said in the battle royale thread. You've fixed the Iceman Beast problem yourself... What loose ends are left...?

captain koma said...

Only the loose end I can think of I created with Henchman.

Constrictor has a daughter and she wants to kill Magneto.

Also Lin wants to kill her.

Oh well magnetos knows all about jealous synthetic females.

Magneto said...

Bah! Constrictor got what he deserved! I waited all week for that gumbo!

Speaking of which, tonight is gumbo night at the Vault. No one better mess.

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Hey Komy,

I introduced Mia to the Local 432.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.