Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lin please don't kill me, Please.

Koma, Lin, Mystique and Pyro enter Magnetos inner sanctum.

"Hey I can pay ya. I'm a famous writer I've got tons of cash. C'mon please Komy. I'll be your mate." continues Pyro begging Koma for his own little Love-Bot.

"Alright Koma, are you ready?" asks the mutant master of magnetisim.

"Uh, ready for what, Magneto?" replies Koma still in a daze from the revelations of his synthetic lover.

"For teleporting our forces to Washington, DC," explains Magneto.

"But the X-Men and the others are still outside. Shouldn't we, you know, finish them off first?" questions Koma. Who then wonders why he said that.

'The battle with the X-men happened outside of MY lair.' thinks Koma.

(Its the reason why Pvt. Hudson was landing outside the hidden access to Magnetos lair right now.)

"No. They don't matter anymore." answers Magneto. "There shall always be time to kill our foes. Dark Phoenix is at this very moment flying over the White House. That means the city's defense forces will be focused on her. We can attack our true targets, the evil repressive racist government human, as we will. Teleport us all, right now!" Magneto ends with a flourish of hand movements.

With a curt nod, Koma completed the teleportation.

In an instant they were on the broad green lawn in front of the White House. The X-Men were there also. Dark Phoenix was flying just above the government building. Storm, Rogue and Gaia were hovering around her. Several men in dark suits and sunglasses were racing out of the building, guns in their hands.

'Beep beep beep' goes Lin.
"Hello you've reached Captain Koma evil-genius. This is Lin." answers Lin.

"Komy its Henchman. He wants to join in the fight. And he's bringing a friend" asks Lin.

"Sure tell him to send in his gps co-ordinates. And stand by." replies Koma.

Koma teleports Henchman and Constrictor in.

'The more the merrier' Thinks Koma.

Magneto glances at Koma, giving him questioning look.
"Henchman said he wanted to help." answers Koma

"And what about him?" Magneto asked with acid in his voice, pointing at Constrictor.

"Well, I didn't realize he was going to bring a friend," Koma answered with a shrug.

"Attack the X-Men!" Magneto bellowed.

Koma decides to take out the secret service goons, teleporting them to North Korea.

"Hey Lin guess where I sent those Gumbies?" asks Koma. But Lins not there.

"Lin?" repeats Koma. He checks his sensors to find her in the battle.

He finds her near the little canadian and something kinda like the Hulk and some dude with wierd hair that looked like anime.

'I hate anime' thinks Koma but decides not to attack him cause he looks a bit more than he can chew.

Koma spots Lin and Henchman about to attack Wolverine.

"My komy is afraid of you Wolverine. I'm going to make sue he has nothing to fear from now on!" shouts Lin.

Logan smiles "Two against one eh? I think yer out numbered."

All of the sudden McCoy appears all blue fur and bounding "Hello Lin. He says."Code Epsilon Omega; engage."

Koma watches as Lin screams, trying to defy McCoy's programming.
"No I'm sentient! I - I must help the X-men."

Koma's sensors detect the changes and the result.
"Komy I can't stop myself." cries Lin as she blasts at the Blob who was trying to squash an unconcious Cyclops.

She continues to blast the ranks of the Brotherhood and then turns on Koma.

"Eliminate K-kkoma." stammers Lin trying desperatley to regain control.

"Ulp" Koma realises he's go to do something to save his skin.

Lin aims at Koma, crying as she tries to hold back from blasting her little snugums.

Lin blasts at Koma, he dissapears. Reappears behind her as she continues blasting wildly

"I hate to do this Lin but you leave me no choice." mutters Koma. He teleports a knife-like object into his hand. Cleanly he buries it deeply into back of Lins head.

The end of the knife lights up. 'Beep bloop beep' it chimes.

Lin stops blasting and slumps to the ground.

Koma wipes a tear from his eye. "Sorry Lin." Lin dissapears.

At that moment Magneto falls from the sky, flames around him from being struck by the Dark Phoenix.

Mystique appears beside him. "Magneto is hurt bring the healer Koma." she orders.

Koma brings the teen to the battle.

"Hey why am I here." asks Elixer.

Koma slaps him."Magneto's hurt heal him or I'll kill you."

"Hey aren't you that dofus Koma who sent all those stupid robots." asks Elixer.

Koma slaps him again. "Heal Magneto or die."

Elixer runs away to the Magnetos side.

"Nice. Thats a side of you I didn't think you had." compliments Mystique.

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Magneto said...

Ouch! Forced to stab your own girlfriend in that back. That was a tragedy. Fortunately she's a machine so we should be able to fix her. Perhaps if we can rescue Sky, she can take care of it.

Elixir said...

Hey! Why is everybody always slapping me?!

Vegeta said...

It's fun?

captain koma said...

Yes it is fun. But not for the same reason why Blob likes to slap young boys.

He's strange that blob.

I killed Lin.

Damn you McCoy.